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How we help

Bethlehem for Pink Bubble

At Christmas 2020, we teamed up with the Pink Bubble foundation to build the largest gingerbread Bethlehem in the Czech Republic for a good cause.


Our goal was to combine pleasant with useful. We wanted to create the right Christmas atmosphere for our customers and, together with them, support a good cause – the Pink Bubble foundation, which helps young people who have had life complicated by cancer.

Everyone could take part in the construction of the Bethlehem, either by buying anywhere in the center over CZK 500 or directly by purchasing goods and gingerbread at the Pink Bubble stand. Together we built a nativity scene, which consisted of 1,651 gingerbread cookies.

In addition to the event in our center, we also distributed 600 Christmas gingerbread cookies for pediatric oncology at the Motol Hospital in Prague and in kindergartens in our neighborhood in Prague 7.

Images from the Bethlehem construction you can find here:

At the same time, we handed over a check in the amount of CZK 100,000 to the foundation, thanks to which Pink Bubble with the Stromovka Center can fulfill the wishes of its oncological clients.

Jakub is the first person to look forward to a gift that Pink Bubble bought him from our check. His wish was to get a laptop that he could use for both studying and playing games and watching movies – thus shortening long moments in the hospital or in‑home treatment. We are very happy that we were able to fulfill Jakub’s wish through the endowment fund and that he is happy with the coveted laptop from the DATART store in Stromovka. An enthusiastic thank you came with a photo:

“Hello, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for a great laptop! I really appreciate it and I didn’t expect to ever get something like that as a gift. Thanks again to NF Pink Bubble for offering me the fulfillment of my wishes, and to the companies Centrum Stromovka and Datart, which gave me a laptop! ”

Others who can look forward to a gift purchased from a check from our Christmas gingerbread crib with Pink Bubble are Žaneta and Eliška. Two nurses, the first-named thirteen-year-old girl is an oncology patient and the second, Eliška, is her older sister, who takes care of Žanetka. The sisters had a purely practical wish: they needed a new refrigerator because the old one was running out of time – and we could help them fulfill their wishes. And were happy? Judge for yourself.

“Hello, so we finally have her at home !!! Thanks again to the Pink Bubble Foundation for the opportunity to wish this gift. And especially Centrum Stromovka and the company Datart, without which it would not be possible. It will make it much easier for us to follow the recommended diet for my sick sister. Thank you!“

Veils for the Czechia and Kenya.
Behind the Stromovka Center is a man who helps people all over the world.

What do the Stromovka Center and Kenyan women left out of work have in common? Much more than it might seem at first glance. At the establishment of the newest shopping center in Prague 7, there was a man who is responsible for charitable activities all over the world. He founded the development company Lordship, his name is Jonathan Jackson, and his foundation, known as the Jonathan Jackson Foundation, helps, among other things, women and adolescents in Nairobi, Kenya, to earn a living.

Although Jonathan Jackson has British parents, he grew up in Kenya from an early age. When he later became an entrepreneur in commercial real estate and international business, he did not forget his roots – on the contrary, he decided to help people who were not so lucky in life. That is why the Jonathan Jackson Foundation (hereinafter referred to as JJF) was established, which focuses on local communities in Kenya and provides a helping hand, especially to women and adolescents looking for work. At the same time, it buys sports equipment for young people and also offers sports activities.

Help in pandemic

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Czechia faced a shortage not only of protective equipment itself but also of any material. Therefore, as soon as the quarantine hit, Centrum Stromovka didn’t wait for anything and released the amount of CZK 50,000, for which it had veils made for employees of business units. The center also donated over 1,000 veils to the city district of Prague 7, which further distributed them to the necessary institutions.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 did not escape Kenya either, leaving millions of people out of work without the means to protect themselves effectively from coronavirus. Even then, JJF took strong action – together with Team Pankaj, it helped get food and protective equipment to more than 6,000 households and at the same time found work for many young people from the Nairobi area.


At the same time, the foundation set up a fundraiser for food aid in Kenya during coronavirus for the families most affected at this time. For a long time now, we focus on vulnerable families living in settlements and slums in Kenya, Africa, for which it is difficult to provide for common needs such as drinking water, food, and basic hygiene.

However, the current coronavirus crisis has significantly worsened their situation, leaving people living in slums in a food and hygiene crisis, living on the brink of suffering an acute hunger. You can learn more about the collection HERE, you can also contribute there – no amount is too small.

More information about the foundation can be found here

Kenyan patriot in the Czech Republic

Jonathan Jackson has been in business in the Czech Republic for a long time. His company Lordship, which focuses on commercial and residential buildings in Central Europe, found its headquarters in Prague in 1991. Since then, the company has been regularly engaged in local charitable activities.

Mention may be made, for example, of a donation of CZK 1 million, which helped build the Silence Monument in Bubny. Lordship’s support has helped us a lot. We used it to carry out our cultural activities during the last seasons. The last amount sent was used for the KOMUNIKACE89 exhibition, which took place in the autumn of last year in Letná. It was visited by over 10,000 people interested in the media legacy of the November 1989 coup, hundreds of school groups, politicians, witnesses, ” said Ing. Pavel Štingl, director of the Shoah Memorial in Prague.



Happy Hearts

In 2011, Jonathan also became a long-term supporter of the Czech Happy Hearts Endowment Fund, which builds safe schools in areas affected by natural disasters. Happy Hearts’ partner is an American All Hands and Hearts Foundation – Smart Response, whose co-founder is Petra Němcová. Jonathan helped organize the first Happy Hearts charity gala dinner in Prague, which in nine years has become one of the most important charity events in Europe. At the same time, through this fund, Jonathan financially supports school projects in countries affected by natural disasters.