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We are reopening Stromovka

On Thursday, December 3, we are opening the entire Stromovka Center with all our establishments! We are reopening all shops, services, fitness center and the entire food floor. The children’s corner unfortunately remains closed.

Come to buy Christmas presents, whether you are looking for toys for children, electronics for a partner, jewelry for your wife or books for parents. And (not only) if you shop in a pair, you can go get your hair or nails done while your significant other does the shopping. And as a reward, you can then take them for a drink or a meal in one of our bistros on the top floor of the center.

On the food floor there are open take‑away windows for the public. Seating is only possible in branches that are designed as restaurants.

We’re open 7 days a week again and in any case there is nood need to be afraid to shop at Stromovka, we are equipped with disinfection stands and we follow all safety and hygiene measures – and we kindly ask you to do the same.